Padre Island Beach Portraits

These dreamy beach portraits with Abbie almost didn’t happen, but I’m SO happy they did – just look at these photos! Total heart eye emoji.

Story time:

Abbie is actually my sister, and I had been begging her to come to the beach with me so I could take some fun portraits of her. She picked me up and we set off for Padre Island (maybe a 10 minute drive) on a cloudy day in April. We pulled up to the beach we planned to shoot at…and the beach was completely flooded! I totally spaced that there had been storms all week. There was nowhere to park and the beach was a hot mess, so we decided to try out another beach. We struck out again. I don’t normally shoot at J.P. Luby beach (for no real reason, just haven’t had a session there yet!) but we decided to check it out and see if it was any better.

Y’all, this beach was just as flooded BUT we had just enough room to drive on the beach and park. The best part? The beach was practically empty, except for a few locals, and the flooding made the ocean look like it went on forever.

The beach was so dreamy.

I am just so so happy with how these portraits turned out! The cloudy day gave way to some sun, the baby’s breath we brought was the perfect accessory, and the empty beach was practically our playground. We started in the dunes and then ended up in the water. I can’t pick a favorite photo because I love them all so much! I’m so thankful to have a sister that is always ready to help me with my photography. These photos are definitely WAY better than the photos I used to take of her when we were kids and I had her “model” for me!

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Padre Island Beach Portraits

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